about us

                       Sickened by liberalism?

                          Beat down by legalism?

                               Weary of sensationalism?

                                     SO ARE WE!

                          Thus, we establish our......


"We exist as a church to teach and proclaim the truths of the Word of God, so that people can come to know, understand, commit to, and live in the will of God for their lives."


Our emphasis is people, not buildings.

Our emphasis is the Bible, not psychology or human wisdom.

Our emphasis is upon a life changed by the Word of God, not by human effort.

Our emphasis is upon a personal relationship with Christ, not a religious experience.

Our emphasis is to lift up Jesus Christ, not any mere mortal man.

Our emphasis in worship is to help people see what a great God we have, not what great human leaders we have.

Our emphasis as we teach is that the Bible is the very Word of God, not the thoughts of men.

Our emphasis is to impact lives with the Word of God, not to entertain.